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feminist erotica resources

As far as good written erotica goes, I'm a big fan of On Our Backs: The Best Erotic Fiction as well as The Best of The Best Lesbian Erotica which is edited by the illustrious (heehee) Tristan Taormino. Obviously these are all dyke erotica, though--for more variety, may I recommend the Herotica series?

I just subscribed to On Our Backs, actually, cos I can't find any good free feminist porn online. There is, but you have to pay for that---

Also, I like Unfortunately, that's not free either, but I do enjoy browsing the "tour" section. Maybe if anyone in the ocmmunity has a subscription to one of these sites, or any others, we can somehow share login info or something.

Of course, Good Vibrations- has a great free online magazine with a bunch of sexpositive articles as well as erotica with varying themes and sexualities.
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