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Friday, January 9th, 2004
12:11 pm
community news
i decided to let any member with posting access post without moderation. i'm not the world's best moderator, and i think i accidentally lost the last thing anyone posted. sorry. i hope this cuts back on moderation mistakes on my part!

also, keep an eye out for good pictures for us to use as a user icon. if you find a good one, save it as a jpeg or whatever it is format that we can use here, since my computer is retarded and saves them in a format unusable by livejournal.
Thursday, December 11th, 2003
6:08 pm
omg, check this out...i'm blushing. but that could be because i have a lil crush on someone in there...

Sunday, December 7th, 2003
4:27 pm
feminist erotica resources
As far as good written erotica goes, I'm a big fan of On Our Backs: The Best Erotic Fiction as well as The Best of The Best Lesbian Erotica which is edited by the illustrious (heehee) Tristan Taormino. Obviously these are all dyke erotica, though--for more variety, may I recommend the Herotica series?

I just subscribed to On Our Backs, actually, cos I can't find any good free feminist porn online. There is http://www.cyberdyke.net, but you have to pay for that---

Also, I like http://www.ssspread.com. Unfortunately, that's not free either, but I do enjoy browsing the "tour" section. Maybe if anyone in the ocmmunity has a subscription to one of these sites, or any others, we can somehow share login info or something.

Of course, Good Vibrations- http://www.goodvibes.com- has a great free online magazine with a bunch of sexpositive articles as well as erotica with varying themes and sexualities.

Current Mood: content
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
9:10 pm
hey all, been so busy haven't posted. i unfortunately have not found any really good feminist porn so i stick with reading average erotica and checking out "on our backs. www.onourbacksmag.com.

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003
2:47 pm
our first posting (how fabulous!)
Congratulations to our first 3 members, which would be myself, feministhippie, squintingsun, and grrrlnextdoor. we rock!!!

now. spread the word.

and. think of things to talk about. my first thing to say is that i am on a quest to find porn that i actually enjoy watching. my idea of what feminist porn is: porn stars who are actually into the sexual acts being portrayed. (ie-not acting, but actually into the fucking). the only example i have seen of this so far has been tristan taormino's "ultimate guide to anal sex for women".

also, porn can be considered feminist if the acts in it are not intended for a male audience, or male gaze. scenes depicting women having sex with women in front of a group of men, for example, is not necessarily a feminist scene, even if the characters appear to engage in the act out of pure free will. the point being, if the sexual act is engaged in placing the male lesbian fantasy as its primary reason for happening, that is not feminist. however, if the act is engaged in for the purpose that the women get off from being exhibitionists, thats fine and dandy, and can be considered feminist.

i know i have other personal criteria that i use in my search for feminist porn, but i'm tired of typing, and i'd like to hear from everyone else on this too, to add to what i've begun.

Current Mood: devious
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